Failure is always an option.

January 15, 2016

I've fallen and I can't get up!  I was taught at an early age that when you write, the very first sentence should be something that captures your reader's attention.  This first sentence to this piece may seem dramatic, but in fact speaks to a few key points in my life these last few months.  It was a fall on my motorcycle that got me to not only learn to get back up on both my feet, but to also find the internal motivation to stand up against my fears, to reach for my dreams once again.  I've been in love with film and photography for years, raised to see the world with my own unique spin on it.  I've wanted to take this passion and run to the hills with it for a long time.  See the world, travel anywhere without restriction, walk the red carpets to all the big events, spending time with those who love to do what I do.  I knew it was possible to get there, to achieve all that, but I was still scared to go for it, to let myself fail.  We are taught that we need to measure ourselves by our successes, and to never look back at our failures for more than what they are, failures.  As of July 28th of 2015, I don't believe that is quite true.  Failure should be looked at, it should be scrutinized, it should be embraced, not discarded or hidden away like a bad family secret.  We all fail, and for those who think you don't, you're failing at seeing the truth.  I was hit by a truck because I made a choice back in July, the wrong choice, but I made it all the same.  If it wasn't for that mistake, if it wasn't for falling down, literally loosing apart of myself, I wouldn't have made this website, not as soon anyways.  I wouldn't have dived head first into relearning and reconnecting with my childhood dreams.  Failing is not the end... in another dramatic sense, it could be if you fail at something and die from it.  Barring that tragic thought, failing is just a step in the right direction, if you choose to make it a step and not a wall to hold yourself back.  I will admit that I am worried I may fail with my dreams, that this company won't go where I want it to.  If that's the case, I'll learn from it and move on with my life, taking the lessons and applying them to my next adventure.  Even though it's possible, I don't think it'll happen.  I'm too determined and stubborn to let this particular passion fail, but I am willing to fall down along the way to making it for myself.  Who knows, maybe I'll fall into my next big project and that picks me up higher than ever.


"Why do we fall Bruce?  So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

          -Thomas Wayne, Batman Begins.


What failures have you had to endure?  Let's talk about it!  Don't be shy, I'm willing to listen and would love to hear for you.


 July 29th, 2015.  A day after a good failure.


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