WHS Every 15 Minutes

Year of production:2017

Running Time: 27:49 min

We worked closely with the students of Windsor High School, Windsor Police and Fire, Bell's Ambulance and a large community of business and volunteers to make an impactful video that shows why driving under the influence is a horrible and irresponsible choice.  With over 20,000 views collectively, we are still reaching a wide audience to this day.


Year of production:2016

Running Time: 4:25 min

A look at the start of Reltek, and what makes them so succesful.  We did all the video, audio and editing work for this project.

ScanSite3D Short

Year of production:2016

Running Time: 2:16 min

This video shows the process for which ScanSite3D creates a water tight data model, and what one of the many process it can take to become a work of art.

Aenimus' "The Awakening"

Year of production:2014

Running Time: 3:50 min

We filmed the band's performance for the video.

Morning Start

Year of production:2015

Running Time: 1:29 min

Captured a morning at the pub before business hours, and the update to the beer board.

Susan and Nathan's Wedding

Year of production:2016

Running Time: 4:44 min

A montage of the bride and groom's wonderful day, from set up to final goodbyes, we shine a spotlight on their love and the people that support them.


Year of production:2016

Running Time: 3:19 min

A look at RELTEK LLC's products and showcasing the ease of use that any consumer or professional can utilize to bond a wide range of materials for any job.

ScanSite3D Teaser

Year of production:2016

Running Time: 1:25 min

A selection of content to showcase ScanSite3D's years of work and their dedication to being the best 3D content company in the world.

Live Band Performance

Year of production:2016

Running Time: 5:14 min

Several vantage points captured this live show and were combined to give you a sense of upbeat action.

The Tree Hunter

Year of production:2015

Running Time: 1:29 min

A fun video that was shot and edited in 20 minutes on an iPhone, showcasing the iMovie's software and the ease of use for people who are interested in our training services.


OhReilly Productions believes that any moment lived is a moment that is worth remembering. We are dedicated to getting the best shots and will work with you to bring your visions and dreams to the screen and print.  Our team is dedicated to building a plan executing with precision, or shoot on the fly, ready for anything.

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